Vietnam day 5, Cu Chi tunnels and exploring Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon)

This morning we headed out of the city centre to the Cu Chi region to visit the vast underground network of tunnels built first as a defence against the French and later expanded during the American war.  It was from here that the North Vietnamese waged their guerrilla warfare with secret trapdoors, underground kitchens, living areas, and meeting rooms.  The site is well laid out and our guide Huie shared a wealth of knowledge about what life was like for the Vietcong living in the tunnels. This was their home for 20 years.  The adventurous explored the deeper second, and even third level tunnels. 

We returned to Saigon for a late lunch at Xu Restaurant. The Vietnamese food is very flavourful and the service excellent.  This afternoon we visited the former Presidential Palace, now preserved as a museum and including the underground communications bunkers, headquarters for the Saigon Government during the American War. 

Onwards to visit Notre Dame, an impressive neo-Romanesque cathedral and the city centre.   The photo at the bottom of the page is where the helicopter landed to take the last US citizen out of Vietnam during the war.

This afternoon we had free time to explore the city, visit the famous market and take in the street entertainment. Saigon is a very cosmopolitan city. The locals enjoy socializing over coffee or tea, a meal at a local restaurant or to take in the activities in the main square. This evening some of us enjoyed a great dinner at Citadel Saigon restaurant.

Hotel: Liberty Central Riverside, Saigon

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